‘Venture Capital Month’ – Andres Baehr & Savia Ventures

Andres Baehr, as the first guest of the “Venture Capital Month” at Sin Malditas Excusas, had an in-depth conversation with Rodrigo Salazar, telling us about the state of climate tech in LatAm, and revealing interesting and relevant information about the VC world. We also got to learn more about the experience and track record of our Managing Partner.

In this episode, Andres provides invaluable knowledge about impact investment, sustainable entrepreneurship, and VC trends.

Andres touches on an important topic about the need for funds to get creative and even seek returns in year 3 or year 4, which wasn’t discussed before. And as he said, “If I can sell the startup for 5x in year 4, and thus return money to investors, go do it. Because it’s happening a lot, and Latin America, is in that situation now, where many investors have invested in many funds, where those startups have increased in value (which is good), but they haven’t seen money back. So now, much more weight is being given to this.”

“In the current market, venture capital investors are expecting earlier cash returns and giving higher priority to capital distributions. In LatAm several funds have increased the equity value of their portfolios but investors have not seen any ‘LANA’ just yet”, added Andres.

For the full interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hDt9mBQHz0

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