Our 2023 Wins Recap


 Your on-going support has turned Savia from a small (GMO) seed into a flourishing garden of climate superstars.

Our 2023 Wins Recap: 

  • 4 investments – 1.5x portfolio mark-up achieved.
  • 22+ elite advisors commited to leading our journey to unlock the best climate talent. 
  • 700+ early-stage LATAM rockstars assembled in our pipeline. 
Four Savia Salads served 🌿
An interactive and LP – exclusive session where we discussed the hottest climate tech trends and investment opportunities. Plus in-person session held in Santiago, CDMX and L.A. 


On Stage🎤

We presented +4 major global events, like FLII and SOCAP about Latin America’s climate opportunity.


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