Investing in Climate Tech in Latin America | Andres Baehr – Savia Ventures

In this Levantando Podcast episode, Andres Baehr, Managing Partner at Savia Ventures, tells us about Climate Tech in Latin America, CVCs vs VC, regulatory instability, and exits in Latam. Additionally, he shares insights into the distribution of Savia’s investors.

Throughout the podcast, Andres delved into several significant topics:

Embarking on a Journey: Reflecting on his personal venture capital journey that commenced 15 years ago within the confines of Santiago’s central prison.

Nurturing Climate Entrepreneurs: He explored Savia’s perspective on the wealth of talented climate entrepreneurs in Latin America. Their potential to transcend regional boundaries and Savias’s strategy to assist them in achieving that.

Navigating Regulatory Differences: Savia’s distinct focus on cultivating business models that hold the potential for cross-country scalability, even in the face of varying regulatory landscapes.

An interesting interview alongside one of the most talented VCs in Latin America.

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