5 led-by-women sustainability start-ups that are breaking the ground

The sustainability sector is growing in importance, and it’s encouraging to see more female founders leading notable start-ups. At Savia Ventures, we’ve had the privilege of knowing many of these state of the art entrepreneurs from the beginning.

Here are five sustainability start-ups led by women that are making a significant impact in their respective fields:

Micro Meats

CEO: Anne-Sophie Mertgen (PhD) #ycombinator

Environmentally friendly way to produce cultivated meat. With macro carriers, producers can generate any type of meat or fat, using animal-free, sustainable and plant-based ingredients, making it easier to finally produce meat that is healthy, nutritious, and never needs to use antibiotics or hormones.



CSO: Romina Canales (PhD)

The company manufactures green eutectic solvents as nature-based alternatives to petrochemical solvents commonly used in industrial processes. These solvents are primarily made from bio-sourced ingredients such as natural acids, amino acids, alcohols, and sugars. The company’s technology enables the production of liquids even if the individual compounds are solid.



CEO: Joselyne Del Rosario (Ms)

The DREx platform connects capital needs for new small-medium solar projects with financial institutions and investors through project finance, they use software for digitize the process and make it efficient and accesible for all the stakeholders, also they employ IoT + Blockchain to replicate the tasks performed by traditional escrows or asset managers, bringing automation and transparency around management of portfolios of solar projects, in so reducing friction for more green energy financing in emerging markets, LatAm.



CEO: Constanza Gomez (MBA)

Sortile is using AI and data analytics to develop solutions for textile recycling that accurately identify fiber composition. This allows for textile-to-textile recycling and promotes circular fashion. This is just the beginning of their efforts to change the landscape of textile recycling.



CFO: Carolina Montt

Beeok is a software suite that helps manage sustainability in businesses. It evaluates legal compliance, calculates and manages carbon and water footprints, handles waste, and manages sustainability indicators quickly and easily. It reduces 90% of the time required and increases compliance by 40% in the first year. Beeok has over 100 clients in Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico.

About the author: Mauricio Chiong is a former climate-tech entrepreneur, MBA and ESG enthusiast. Now is Venture Partner of Savia Ventures.

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