Have you ever heard about carbon Off-sets? 3 exceptional start ups that are reshaping this space with Web3

Have you ever heard about carbon Off-sets?

3 exceptional start ups that are reshaping this space with Web3

What is meant by #carbonoffsets?

Carbon offsetting involves investing in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions to balance out or mitigate the carbon emissions produced by an individual or organization’s activities. This can be done by calculating the amount of emissions captured (Carbon offsets) and selling them to companies in need of carbon reduction projects. It’s one of the most important tools in the larger effort to combat climate change.

Here you have 3 exceptional start ups that are reshaping this space with #web3 !



Kolor is a company that connects people to Patagonia through Web3 technology, allowing anyone to conserve a piece of the Patagonian ecosystem and become a “Patagowner”. The Chilean Patagonia is at risk due to real estate expansion and the forest industry, and its high capacity for CO2 absorption makes it crucial to preserve. Kolor offers a solution by enabling land ownership and conservation from anywhere, giving everyone the opportunity to preserve the Patagonian lands and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.



EO2 is a sustainable digital asset that uses regulated carbon credits to help businesses and individuals fight climate change. It offers a safe and sustainable alternative to voluntary carbon markets, which are prone to fraud and reputational risks. By investing in EO2 tokens, companies can offset their emissions with regulated carbon credits without needing to conduct due diligence. EO2 brings together the best of carbon markets and blockchain technology and aims to create a sustainable future by removing barriers to access the compliant carbon market.



Pachama is a technology-driven company that connects companies and individuals with verified forest conservation and restoration projects to offset their carbon footprint. They use machine learning, satellite imaging, and remote sensing technologies to monitor the carbon captured by these projects, and provide their clients with transparent, verified carbon offsetting solutions. Their mission is to restore and protect forests while empowering communities and businesses to take action against climate change.

About the author: Mauricio Chiong is a former climate-tech entrepreneur, MBA and ESG enthusiast. Now is Venture Partner of Savia Ventures.

About Savia: Savia Ventures is a 10M USD seed fund to scale clean technologies in Latin America, leveraging the partners’ experience to achieve a 6X return over investment in ten years. (Areas of interest: Mining, Construction, SaaS and Fin-tech for renewables, sustainability) ft. Andres BaehrMatthew MulrennanGerardo Balbontín P

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